How it works

Behind DVLUP™

Who we are

We are a group of driven software developers, architects, experienced tech experts, and committed product managers, who are building innovative products and creating an impact. Being entrepreneurs ourselves we know that founders need much more than just software development. They also need a strategic partner who is fully invested in their success.


A partner invested in your success


Founders choose to work with DVLUP™ not just for the lower cost of development they get. Rather because of the way we structure our deals. The success of DVLUP™’s business model relies on that of the startups we work with. Much like an investor, we can make a profit only when founders do. By sharing the risks, we lay the foundation for a relationship where both parties are fully invested in the success of the venture.

How we can make your dream a reality

Strategic planning and development


In the world of software development the real value is added through planning a reliable architecture, finding scalable technological solutions and carefully prioritizing features and development stages. All of which require exceptional level of expertise. Something we at DVLUP™ have a great deal of.

Together we will scope your project

Once you choose DVLUP™ as your tech partner you onboard 14 years of experience of turning ideas into great Web, Mobile, Gaming, Big Data and Machine Learning software products. Before starting development, we will apply this experience to pinpoint what your startup really needs for growth, traction and achieving product/market fit.


You get a dream engineering team


As soon as we agree on what is important for your success we will put together a dream team of software engineers to match your specifics. You will have a dedicated account manager to ensure smooth collaboration and an experienced tech expert by your side from start to finish.

The perfect collaboration

We follow the industry’s best practices such as Lean and Agile methodologies. This allows for planning a software development focused on delivering most important features first and cutting excess. It will also give you the flexibility to have regular demos of your product so you could adapt to changes on the go.